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VRChat world experiments

Now, I'm not an environment artist..I'm a generalist. So I don't claim these to be any kind of peak environment art, they're research into designing spaces in VR. For fish person's cove I wanted to see if my own memories of a white beach could transfer, through a VR experience, to someone who has never experienced it. Results seem promising so far. Wing It is a playground where I wanted to make people able to fly like birds, something I think most people have wished for.
Notable tech art things that I did myself for these levels would be the dynamic shoreline in Fish Person's Cove and the VR-safe particle clouds in Wing It. (they don't rotate when you tilt your head and you can fly through them without framerate problems)
The spaces are both live in VRChat if you want to go and look around yourself.
Fish Person's Cove:
Wing it:

Rikke jansen beach 2

Overview of Fish Person's Cove. It's supposed to convey a "private tropical island" feeling.

Rikke jansen beach 1

Alternate view

Rikke jansen beach 3

Inside the shade

Rikke jansen flight 1

Overview of "Wing it". In this world players can summon wings that they can wear and fly around with.

Rikke jansen flight 2

The entrance includes a small hangout area for the people who get sick from flying in VR (everybody, in the beginning. It's a learned skill :))

Rikke jansen flight 3

The four wings you can find and wear in the level