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Tech art: VR Hair modelling

Examples of using Gravity Sketch to make a hair production pipeline more efficient. Making hair planes is something a lot of artists find both slow and tedious. For those with access to VR it might be possible to streamline the process somewhat using Gravity Sketch, with the added benefit of this technique being pretty fun. With this method hair planes end up looking organic so you can get away with less textures and the planes get automatically unwrapped. The downside is that the polycount is quite high when exporting, so you'll have to find some way to optimize it.
If you're interested in this stuff and have questions feel free to message me!

Rikke jansen vrhair3

Example of what can be done in a pretty short amount of time

Rikke jansen vrhair2

Mesh from Gravity Sketch with hair shader applied without any further alteration. As you can see, some editing is needed but usually you end up with a good base. Gets better with practice too!

Some progress footage showing the technique in action. I block out the hair shapes on a separate layer first. An acceptable hair plane base is made in less than 15 minutes, but final polished hair is of course going to take longer!