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Barbarian Daycare

Barbarian Daycare was a game prototype I made for a task manager game about helping barbarians live their daily lives. Pictured is Trinket, the first barbarian/proof of concept illustration. I did all the programming on this (see prototype video) but shelved it due to lack of free time. Part of the creative process involved asking festival goers "what's your barbarian name?" and then drawing the corresponding barbarian. I've included some of that as well.

Rikke jansen trinket

Trinket, proof of concept barbarian

Rikke jansen barbsketches2

I'd ask people "what is your barbarian name?" and then draw the answer. I take no responsibility for these barbarian names

Rikke jansen barbsketches1

Toefinger is a great title though

Barbarian Daycare Prototype