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The Darkest Card Game

This was a card game about summoning dark entities based on the fears of humans. Every "head" card (only has a connector at the bottom of the card) is a malicious entity and every "body" (has connectors at top and bottom of the card) was a manifestation of a fear. I interviewed a lot of people about their fears for this project!
Gameplay was supposed to be centered around chaining together different cards in order to summon the entity but never ended up at a satisfactory gameplay level. So here's the art!

I have marked the project NSFW for body horror and gore and maybe that one butt card.

Rikke jansen cards

All of the cards from the first version

Rikke jansen samples

From left to right:
-The fear of leaving someone behind
-Believing in something so hard it blinds you
-The cycle of life/fear of giving birth
-Humanity dividing things mathematically without caring for the human cost
-Feeling alone in a crowd

Rikke jansen doubles

At one point I thought about making the cards into pairs of illustrations. Fountain of Tears is about grief, Omen of Gluttony is about parasites.

Rikke jansen insignificance

My favourite card. At some point I'll have to make a proper execution of this card :)

Rikke jansen irl test

Most of this project was produced on the move, with an IPad Pro and Procreate. I bought this sticker printer and had brought premade card backs so that I could immediately print new cards as I drew them! Sometimes also joke cards (see right).