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Fish Person

Fish Person is my main avatar that I use in VRChat. She was made as a challenge entry for Beneath the Waves and the entire adventure is chronicled here:

For those unfamiliar with VRChat, Fish Person is a pilotable "skin" you can wear in VR. Her hands become your hands, she will speak when you speak and she will make eye contact with the person she's speaking to. I did a looong talk about social VR while wearing Fish Person that I can make available to you if you want to watch it. I streamed myself from within Social VR to a TV in the showroom and had a webcam feed of the audience inside of my VR headset so that I could see if my jokes landed ;) It might be the first ever talk done in this format!

Rikke jansen shot

Fish Person

Rikke jansen fish talking

Examples of fish person being piloted during a talk I had (as fish person) about social VR